• Date: November 11 - 13
  • Margaret River, WA
  • Distance: 195.0 km
  • Chief Commissaire: Laurie Norris
  • Organiser: Cycling Eventures
Ahrens O5
Allied Pickfords - Kalgoorlie O4
Arbitrage Masters O2
Arimia Andiamo O3
Arimia Gold O4
Arimia Green O9
Avanti Überquads 1 O2
Avanti Überquads 2 O5
AvantiPlus Cannington 1 O6
AvantiPlus Cannington 2 O9
AvantiPlus Cannington W W2
Blueprint Homes 1 O1
Blueprint Homes 2 O3
Boans Ride O3
Broome Riders O6
Busselton Cycle Club/Fat Duck O7
Cashmanagement O2
CKD 1 O1
CKD 2 O5
Cove Legal O3
Cycle4Life W2
Cyclemania Propel Girls W2
Cyclemania Racing Team O7
Delta O3
Denmark Geezers O6
Dolce & Banana O9
Dome Coffees O1
Dunsborough Bike Shed O3
Eaton Dogs O8
Elite Racing Cycles Old Dogs O4
En Time O5
Ernst and Young 1 O7
Fat Duck / BCC O4
Fleet Cycles 1 O9
Fleet Cycles 2 O9
Garland Cycleworks Race 1 O2
Garland Cycleworks Race 2 O5
Garland Cycleworks Shop 1 O7
Geographe Grinders O6
Geraldton O2
Kimberley cycles O7
Lakes Bikes Ladies W2
Lakes Bikes Mens Team O8
Le Rumblers O8
Lester Blades Executive Search O9
Margaret River Chocolate Company/Squadra 1 O4
Margaret River Chocolate Company/Squadra 2 O8
Midland CC 1 O3
Midland CC 2 O4
Mobius Future Racing O1
Monadelphous Cycling Group 1 O6
Monadelphous Cycling Group 2 O9
Nicheliving Vault W1
Northern Beaches Cycling Club W2
Northern Beaches Cycling Club A O2
Northern Beaches Cycling Club B O7
Otoc Vault O1
OTOC Vault Corporate O8
Otoc Vault Masters Racing Team O3
Pedal Mafia 1 O1
Pedal Mafia 2 O1
Pedal Mafia 3 O4
Pedal Mafia 4 O6
Port Adelaide CC W1
Q-Boss O7
RCCC Ascende Capital W1
Riders Choice Alpha O9
Riders Choice T51 O5
Roues Chaudes CC O5
Russell Brooks Building O1
Satalyst-Verve Racing O1
Sea Containers WA O4
SPR 1 O3
SPR 2 O7
SPR 3 O9
Squadra RTR Team 1 O2
Squadra RTR Team 2 O5
Sub 6 O7
Subiaco Échappée Cycling O9
SWCC Masters O6
SWCC Racing O2
SWCC Racing 2 O7
SwiftCarbon Virgin Active O4
Team ELA O6
Team JCC O5
Team Manjimup Crew O8
Team Transform O4
Telstra Connectiv O8
The Flying Doctor O6
The Sweepers O9
Total Travel Cycling Team O2
uberquads3 O8
Velo Dropouts O5
Westside Cycle Club O8
Wormall - Alexium O1
Wormall - Alexium Women's Team W1